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                             About Dr. Jeff Nixon                                           I have been practicing chiropractic since 1986 in both Canada and the United States with an unblemished record. I believe the greatest thing about my previous career has been my privilege to witness the miracle of healing, daily. Chiropractic was not a job but a way of life for me. Now I am being called into what I believe is even an even greater form of healing. I am excited about this deeper change in my life. Light Force Wellness is about joining together creating a healing environment with Source, allowing the Light energy from Source to bring about true healing of the mind, the cause of all our problems. In addition, a unique light frequency and sound vibration machine is applied to energize the cells of the body, bringing a sense of relaxation and relief from pain.    
I invite you to come join with Source and myself for this truly peaceful and healing experience in the Village of Oak Creek.
                                    Sedona, Arizona
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